Request for Privacy Tools: Department of Community Services, Disclosure Program

The Disclosure Program is responsible for administering supports and services to parties to an adoption under the An Act to Open Adoption Records in Nova Scotia.

Who should apply?

Complete this request for privacy if you are an adopted person, birth parent, or potential birth parent for an adoption that was finalized in Nova Scotia and you wish to keep your information private, or if you have preferences for how you wish to be contacted by another party to the adoption. You do not need to know which privacy tool you wish to file – we will help guide you through the request form.

What is the process?

Applying for a privacy tool can be completed online. However, we are available to support you through this request. Additional information about this request and the privacy tools can be found in the Guidance Materials on the DCS website We also encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or need help completing the form.

Call: (902) 424-2755


Please note that your request will be collected, however, it will not be in effect until full proclamation of An Act to Open Adoption Records in Nova Scotia.